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Tuesday Media Roundup #35

Mythbusters Moonlanding Myths – It’s been quite awhile since I thought they were testing real myths but in this case they come though in the testing of what consipracy theorists consider the biggest evidence that the moon landings were faked. Tropic Thunder – The funniest movie I’ve seen in awhile and the best Ben Stiller […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #34

It’s been almost three months since the last update and I have 15 movies and one tv documentary here so it looks like I average just over one movie a week. The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave –  I loved the Super Dave shorts when I was a kid so when this came on I […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #33

I found a number of “B”movies on DirecTV recently in addition to sme good stuff so I have more than I normally do. Nice thing about the “B” movies is they rarely exceed 90 minutes. The Neanderthal Man – I had seen this before. A scientist believes that the larger brain case in neanderthals would […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #32

A Knight’s Tale – With the passing of Heath Ledger I learned that I had not actually seen any of his movies. I probably wasn’t going to be seeing any until The Dark Knight later this summer until I saw a movie channel was playing A Knight’s Tale. Aside from names it doesn’t have much […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #31

27 Dresses – A fun comedy. I hope Katherine Heigl makes continues with the transition from tv to the movies. She was great to watch and her reactions felt very real even as the situations weren’t very likely. 1408 – I wasn’t expecting much from this and I got a good bit more. John Cusack […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #30

The Forbidden Kingdom – Jet Li & Jackie Chan, fun story, cool fu! If you haven’t seen this yet, what’s your problem? DCI 2008 Countdown – Since I’m a band geek I tend to go for these drum & bugle corps shows. This was a theater event showing the best shows of recent years and […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #29

Babel – One of those movies where you have several different stories that are all connected. In this case it’s has a global scale of connection. Not like with a global phenomenon or event, but that the people involved reach around the world. If it was just that it would just be an average movie, […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #28

The Spiderwick Chronicles – I didn’t read the book so I have nothing to compare it against. The characters were entertaining, but on the whole I liked them before they encountered the computer generated characters. I liked that the same actor played both twins, that doesn’t happen often. The Other Boleyn Girl – This movie […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #27

Romantic Comedy – It’s not often funny but it can be amusing and it felt more like the kind of characters and story I would see in a 30s movie, but done in the 80s. With the right director I think this could have been really good. Rambo – Unlike some of the Rambo movies, […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #26

Rocky III – Still working my way through the Rocky movies again. Mr. T starts out pretty menacing but halfway through he turns into a charicature of himself. The central story of a man overcoming loss of  confidence brought about by learning his accomplishments were a lie works though. Not as good as the first […]

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