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Tuesday Media Roundup #26

Rocky III – Still working my way through the Rocky movies again. Mr. T starts out pretty menacing but halfway through he turns into a charicature of himself. The central story of a man overcoming loss of  confidence brought about by learning his accomplishments were a lie works though. Not as good as the first two though.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street -  Visually it was great throughout. As a story it starts off a bit slow but it still doesn’t take too long to drag you in. I don’t have experience with the stage production to compare it against and from talking to those that do I think it comes off better for it. It’s clear there is much pride in the mechanism. By the end I was taking great enjoyment from the dropping bodies.

Snatch -  A bunch of quirky characters that have occasional moments but they don’t really shine until they are all brought together in the last quarter. That’s enough to make it all worthwhile.

Carefree -  I hadn’t seen the Fred & Ginger movie before and I was delighted to see familiar sets from past movies used again. This is one of their later films and the chemistry on screen shows for it. Goo dhumor, good dancing, and I love Ginger Roger’s slow laugh.

I’ve watched the first three episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and so far I’m surprised at how well it holds up. After the pilot I thought I’d give it a chance and aside from one thing I thought didn’t fit I think it’s well thought out and it seems like there is a notion that this is going on a planned path. I like how the characters are protrayed and I like the story so far.  wherever it’s going.

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