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Tuesday Media Roundup #32

A Knight’s Tale – With the passing of Heath Ledger I learned that I had not actually seen any of his movies. I probably wasn’t going to be seeing any until The Dark Knight later this summer until I saw a movie channel was playing A Knight’s Tale. Aside from names it doesn’t have much connection to history but it sure is a fun movie.

Iron Man – I think this is my new favorite comic book movie, but Hellboy is still close. Everything about it is just right. I’m looking forward to the sequel already.

Sunshine – This movie is heavy but it’s a great story and it draws you in to the family’s story. If there is any movie that it is similar to I think it is To Live, which I also feel similarly about. I got the impression that there is more to the story which usually indicates the kind of details you get in a novel as being the source material, but it’s written by the director; I’m guessing a good bit is based on his own family and experiences to give it that feel.

Flawless – The 60s appear to be a hot time frame for movies and tv right now. This heist movie takes place in the 60s and it’s a pretty good heist. Michael Caine is great and Demi Moore is surprising, mostly because I don’t think of her in this kind of role so I didn’t recognize her at first. Unfortunately the end is a little weak and forgettable but it’s still good overall.

Speed Racer – I didn’t see it and I don’t want to. I just want to express my happiness that it’s doing so horribly at the box office. When I first saw the trailer I thought I didn’t want to see it but I might check it out for the effects. As the number of times I saw trailers and still for it increased so did my dislike for it and the certainty that it would suck. It seems that happened to a lot of other people too, the reviews and the box office are horrible for a film that expensive. Yay!

Scrubs – It’s been confirmed that the 8th ad final season of Scrubs will be 18 episodes long and will be on ABC. More Yay!

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