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more from the weekend

1) As I watched them set up the difference engine I pictured a more practiced person setting it up in maybe half the time. Operators being a skilled profession in a world where the machines were completed and used in Babbage’s time. Cities would have computational centers that people send their work to.

2) The half-time show at the roller derby was horrible. The Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra came out and played the same rhythm for a few minutes while the leader was slowly introducing the members through a megaphone that distorted everything to the mostly unintelligible. They had a variety of things scavenged from all over but none of it was put to good use. Having tuned paint cans is a fine idea if you’re going to actually do more than play on a couple of them, ignoring their tonality. Eventually my brain was able to tune them out as white noise effectively enough that I didn’t know they finished until Nicole told me they finished and no one clapped. People noticed they were done and clapped, allowing them to exit and the roller derby to start again.

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