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The weekend

Saturday was the day for visiting mo and Jeff. When we got to the hostipal we visited Jeff first since mo was asleep and seeing Jeff was amazing! After just one day he already had a healthy color in his face and he was happy and animated. I never expected such dramatic results. After Jeff […]


Tuesday Movie Roundup #5

Last Friday I left work and my brain was completely numb. Boss #3 is a project manager who doesn’t really do much except confuse things and send out congratulatory e-mails. He tries to throw in buzz words he knows so he can sound like he knows what he’s doing but that just makes things worse. […]


Tuesday Movie Roundup #4

Just one movie this time… My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It’s a light cute movie that has a pretty consistent fun level throughout. Uma Thurman does a good job crossing her character back and forth over the crazy line and Luke Wilson holds up his end of the performance as well. The pacing is quick and doesn’t […]


NorCal Strongman 2006

Yesterday Nicole and I went to the NorCal Strongman competition. This year it was held at the main beach in Santa Cruz. We arrived at around noon with the contest starting around 10AM so we missed the tire flipping and the log lifting but we still got to see the sand-bag carry, the dead lift, […]


I fixed my cell phone!

For quite some time one of the plastic tabs that holds the battery in has been broken. The other tab was starting to break away so pretty much any jostling of the phone would disconnect the battery and turn off the phone. That was annoying for anyone who was trying to contact me. Being the […]


Upgraded WordPress

I upgraded the WordPress software to the latest version. The pages seem to load a little faster and the admin interface is definitely nicer. I changed the theme while I was at it. This one is called Boxy But Gold. I don’t write anything for two weeks and this is the best I can come […]

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