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The Mpemba Effect

I just found the experimental results from our testing of the Mpemba effect at my last job. I learned about the Mpemba Effect from Trivial Pursuit when the answer to “According to the MPemba Effect, what does hot water do faster than cold water?” was “Freeze”. Sure enough, after looking it up, hot water tends […]


Sage is cast free…

of her cast. Terry signed it this past weekend as you can see here but that only lasted a few days as the vet came today to free her. The brown thing on the end is duct tape which I had to apply since she wore a hole through the bottom. I actually had to […]


Tuesday Media Roundup #10

Nicole was gone last week so I took the chance to watch V for Vendetta while I was brushing out the dogs. The movie doesn’t just look good, but I was drawn in by the main characters. The rest could have been cardboard cutouts with moving jaws and it would have worked just as well. […]


Breaking the fast

When I was looking for what to make to break the fast this evening I stumbled across a tremendous page of Vietnamese recipes. Seeing as how aside from Lee’s Sandwiches there is no Vietnamese food in Santa Cruz I decided to give it a shot. I made Ginger and Garlic Rice with Chicken (Com Ga) […]


Adding to my nerdiness

Some people are surprised at my low (42%) nerd score. Let me help assure you of my nerdiness through a little nostalgia… The other day I decided to search to see if any information was out there for the TRS-80 Color Computer. My first computer was the TRS-80 Color Computer. You can see a picture […]

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