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I talked to the allergist

He agreed with my stopping the Nasonex and just continuing with Allegra for now. I also told him that although the allergies were getting better there were times that even with the drugs in effect that stuff still hit me. He felt that my 3rd shot has so much random stuff in it that I’m […]


Water on Mars!

It’s frozen, but better than nothing. Time to search for microbes!


Human ancestors

It’s been known for a few years that cro-magnon and neanderthals lived in the same areas at the same time. They still don’t really know why neanderthals went away. But now there is evidence that they may have had offspring together. They found some cro-magnon bones that have distinctly neanderthal features. Maybe when you think […]


Creativity (article in Scientific American Mind)

There is an article on creativity in Scientific American Mind about creativity, what it is, how to get it, etc. Well, it indicates that on the cover but hte cover promises way more than it delivers in general. Anyway, it kind of wandered on the creativity subject leaving me feeling that they still didn’t really […]


Bill Clinton brain cells

A few weeks ago in New Scientist there was an article about how they found a brain cell in someone that fired in response to images of Bill Clinton, even drawings of him. This led them to think that this means that brain cells can process much more than previously thought and each cell would […]


Super atoms

In the April Discover there was an article on super atoms. Basically they are clusters of atoms that in these clusters act like another element. For instance, 13 aluminum atoms form a stable compound that won’t oxidize. It’s tied to how many shells are left open when they are all together. I think it’s really […]


Dangerous isn’t desirable?

So I was reading the blurbs on recent studies in New Scientist and one that bugged me was one about whether women were attracted to dangerous stunts boys do to get attention. I think I recall a study from like 2 years ago reported in Discover explaining that they were or why. Anyway, this one […]

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