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Finally I played my cube

This morning I was up early and didn’t have to go to the gym so I decided to hook up the Gamecube to the small tv (the projector is busted). I figured it was about time I tried those bargain bin games I picked up in the past 9 months.

First up was Minority Report – This game is pretty boring. You have to run in and beat up minions. You can’t go through the door to the next area until you have defeated every single one. Why are all these minions waiting to beat you up? That would meant hey are all in on the crime. A better game would be to figure out where you need to go based on clues and then have to travel there in the ammount of time you have before the crime is committed. I put my copy up for sale on this morning.

Next was Sphinx & The Cursed Mummy – This game is actually pretty good so far. It’s a puzzle/platform game. It looks good, it controls fairly well, the animation is good. I’ll be playing this one again. Looks like it got overlooked during a holiday release season unfortunately.

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