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House of Wax

Tami and I just went to see this to see Paris Hilton get killed. We ended up seeing a movie that wasn’t nearly as bad as reviews would say. It does take a little while to get started but it’s faily interesting once it gets going. It’s never really scary, just interesting and looks cool. I had a bladder ready to burst and still I wouldn’t leave because I didn’t want to miss the ending which was definitely worth it.

Ok, there three gross/distuirbing moments that might make you cringe that have to do with injuries but those are quickly forgotten.

And Paris’ death? I could not imagine a more satisfying death for her. I was expecting some quick non-lingering death scene. She dies quickly but you get to enjoy it for a little while. Heck, the killer enjoys it for awhile! That makes it the feel-good movie of spring.

You should definitely rent this for nifty wax effects and the Paris death.

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    linka Says:

    Y’know, I just watched some cable movie where Paris gets killed too (oh, maybe that was supposed to be a surprise)… but I didn’t get much joy from it because it happened off camera.

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