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Sage is a strange dog

She’s always liked to burrow in to things and crawl under things. When she was a puppy I would have to get up in the middle of the night becasue she would crawl under the bed and then couldn’t get out.

Anyway, when we removed all the bricks from the planters Nicole made a 4-brick high wall around part of the driveway. Then she decided she didn’t like it so we put the bricks into the free pile out front. When we started doing that Sage laid down behind the wall, safe. When I took a brick from the area she was laying, making it a 3-brick high wall, she move to a remaining 4-brick section. As the bricks kept coming out she kept scrunching down lower and lower until finally she was trying to hide behind one brick. When I took that brick away she looked kind of sad and upset but then she got up and was happy again.

I wish I knew what she was thinking.

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    linkaloo Says:

    It’s what makes her adorable… she must’ve always been at the bottom of the pile in the litter… kind of like how she always has to crawl and hang out between people’s legs. Or when I’m sitting down, she’ll push my legs so they’re in a V and lie down underneath them so I protect her.

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