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My first shot at the hand-bike

What else do you call the thing you sit at and pedal with your hands? Anyway, I figured I’d try to last an hour but end up finishing my hour on the regular exercise bike. I set it to level one random (I always like random) and after about ten minutes I realized two things. 1) My left arm is way better at the circular motion than my right arm, and 2) My arms were starting to feel tired.

I kept going and after about 20 minutes I noticed I was still going (yay!) but that my sides were starting to feel it from the rotating torso motion that happens. I hadn’t thought about it working out anything but my arms, cool!

After 30 minutes I decided to sit up straighter and that relieved some of the side complaints. After 40 minutes I was pretty sure I was going to make it, but I had some doubts again around 50 minutes and the last 3 minutes seemed to take longer than 3 minutes. Anyway, I think I’ll be alternating this with the regular exercise bike sessions.

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