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Took the dogs swimming

We visited my parents and sister this past weekend with the intent to get the dogs in the pool (and hopefully to show them where to get out of the pool if they fell in) and to go to Disneyland with Tami.

Sunday was for the dogs. We got in and tried to convince Grover to get in the pool at the steps, but it’s bigger than a normal step down and the water probably doesn’t help the depth perception. We pulled him into the pool and then let him out so he could see it wasn’t so bad and he kept coming back so he wasn’t very upset. Then my dad suggested we try encouraging him on to the foam raft over the steps so it would look like solid ground. That worked pretty well and we eventually talking him out on to the raft. We took Grover into the water a few times and had him swim back and he always went for the nearest wall. I think if we had a week to work with him we could get him to swim to the stairs.

Sage was close to jumping into the pool at our urging but wouldn’t quite do it. So we took her in to the pool to swim and she wouldn’t go near it at all after that. She was better at swimming to the steps but we’re pretty sure that’s just because Nicole was sitting right there. We also put the dogs on the raft and had them lay on them for a little while pictures were taken. Even Nugget (my parent’s dog) got to do that and some swimming.

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