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I’m out of the TopCoder open

Not that I was really in it. About a week before the competition began my company mailed everyone in the company that a sponsor track was opened for those employed by the companies that sponsor the event. Unlike the main competition I don’t think there are any prizes for the winners, so my company stated that the top 3 from my company would get a prize. I figured that with late notice and apathy and maybe it’ll be some fun I should sign up, so I did.

In the preliminary round there were 19 people in the sponsor track total from all the sponsoring companies. Anyone who scored points made it to the next round (13). 11 of the 13 showed up for round 1 and got to move on to round 2. In Round 2 my brain just was not working right. It turns out I read part of the problem wrong but I thought I made a code error so I never looked back at the problem. No points for me. 8 of us showed up and 6 get to move on. It was fun while it lasted and I think I’ll keep trying these kinds of things. Oh yeah, there were only three people from my company so I should get something 🙂

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