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True Crime: Streets of LA

I bought this game because it was in the bargain bin and the novelty of driving around a real model of LA sounded fun. You play a copy who doesn’t play by the rules so you can drive over anything and take other people’s cars when yours gets too beat up. This game has a lot going for it:

  • It really is a model of LA (not including outlying areas like the valley)
  • The voice acting is pretty good
  • The story seems pretty good
  • The freedom to chase down any crime is nice.
  • The way it takes you through the story is fairly interesting with small blocks to do between cut-scenes
  • Running over large trees, utility poles, traffic signals, etc. is pretty funny

Unfortunately that doesn’t make up for what’s wrong with the game:

  • The graphics are very ugly
  • The controls aren’t very responsive which makes for irritating and frustrating gameplay.
  • It’s just not very fun overall.
  • If this is LA, where are all the cars and people?

For sale it goes on

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