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Bride & Prejudice

Last night we watched Bride & Prejudice and I enjoyed it overall. There was a montage that made no sense at all and I think might be the worst one I’ve ever seen. It’s like they gave up on trying to make it make sense. Anyway, the songs and the dance numbers were fun and the story was well adapted to India. I’d watch it again.

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    Daniel Punkass Says:

    I liked this movie as well. I’m curious which sequence you thought was particularly ridiculous 🙂

  2. 2
    Doug Says:

    It was the montage after the pool scene leading to the beach scene. He’s on a golf course. Then he’s somewhere else, there’s some running on a beach. It didn’t convey any information about characters or what they were thinking. Cutting to the beach scene directly would have made more sense.

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