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How to make snow

I opened my freezer this afternoon to, what looked like at first a complete frosted mess. My first thought was that the frost-free cycle had broken so I closed the freezer door because I didn’t want to deal with it. Then I decided to look again and realized that I didn’t have to tug against the seal to open it, but it looked sealed and sounded like it closed. I tried closing the door slowly and found that something was blocking the door so it did close, but then would bounce back and hold it the tiniest bit open. I found the obstruction and removed it and then closed the door because I still didn’t want to deal with it.

I just went to go deal with is and scrape the ice out, but as I grabbed for the nearest hunk it collapsed in my hand. Well, collapsed isnt’ the right word really. It offered no resistance and was soft and fluffy like snow!

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