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Scooter accident!

I was riding home to meet the window guy so he could measure all the windows. I crossed the Cayuga intersection and then a door was open in front of me. I think I tried to swerve some, but I hit it and went down. I think I hit my left side first and then […]


Non-house related

I saw Rent this weekend. I wasn’t super interested but I liked the song in the trailer so I went. I liked it all, the look, the characters, the music. The songs weren’t catchy enough so that they were constantly in my head afterwards, but that’s ok. The problem I had with it was I […]


More landscaping (never seems to end), and a little more destruction

There’s been a few more days of work and the results have more plants and a fountain! A little more destruction and some joke doorsin the kitchen and .


More destruction

Yesterday they finished destroying the bathroom including the ceiling. You can see the lame duct work they had for the bathroom fan. It’s supposed to be a short straight run, not a 25 foot (7.62 meters for any non-English unit people) run of flexible vent tube. They also did more kitchen destruction. Opening up walls, […]

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