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Today had a number of good things:

The bike cages at work were activated again so we can lock up our bikes (scooter) again.

The Coke machine has been so allowing coins to flow through it very well fo rthe past few weeks. I generally dislodge them with a coffee straw and get a free Coke. Today that wasn’t working so I started pressing the coin return button really fast and a quarter came out. So I continued and about $3 in change came out including a penny. Was the penny causing the blockage all this time? The coins put in after seemed to work perfectly.

The project I’ve been working on at work had it’s first sale today. Now there’s six weeks to get everything working the rest of the way.

Good in only one respect… There was a project based layoff at work today. The good part is that this guy who talks loudly on the phone a lot (disturbs everyone in a 2-cube radius) is among them. I’m tired of knowing about his kids, of him giving live driving directions to her on her road trip, him confirming her reservations, etc.

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