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Movie roundup

The Hebrew Hammer – Parody of the blaxploitation style with lots of Jewish jokes. I thought it was really funny and I’d say check it out. You probably won’t miss too many jokes if you aren’t Jewish.

Grandma’s Boy – Half geek comedy, half stoner comedy. Not great, but it has enough funny throughout. Mostly made up of normally background people in Adam Sandler movies it has a similar feel. Must be fun working on these movies goofing around with friends in front of a camera.

Underworld: Evolution – I thought the first one was kinda boring which I guess lowered my expectations enough to enjoy this one which is funny because I think this one was more rediculous as far as what happens story wise.

Hellboy – I’m halfway through this right now and it’s fully entertaining. Already I’m hoping for a sequel.

3 Responses to “Movie roundup”

  1. 1
    yvil Says:

    I’m not Jewish but Hebrew Hammer makes me want to be! It plays on Comedy Central fairly frequently which was one of my main default channels at work when working on TV products.

  2. 2
    liana Says:

    Having seen part of The Hebrew Hammer, and Hellboy twice, I enjoyed both. Didn’t think I would like Hellboy at all, but found it uncommonly interesting.

  3. 3
    Peter Says:

    Hellboy rocked…the wise-ass commentary was excellent…Perlman was superb.

    Hebrew hammer was very funny, if only for the title…anything with Dick is going to be good.

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