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Catch-up house update

Two weeks ago we moved out for a week so the floors could be done. If it was just the kitchen floor then we would have stayed, but we had them coat all the rest of the floors too since the guy who did those didn’t do the best job on them.

We’re trying to switch to a non-outdoor shoe house, so to support that I was walking around in socks. The bad part is that socks on a freshly finished floor can be pretty slippery so I fell down the stairs that lead to the laundry area. I have a nice purple blotch on my lower back but the lump is about all gone. The bruise on my toe was a line shape, then a tadpole. Now it’s a seven.

The contractor hurt his knee playing soccer last weekend so he hasn’t been able to do anything this week. He had an MRI yesterday to find out what exactly is hurt. Today he is there with the electrician hooking up all the appliances except the refrigerator since that needs a lot more effort. This all means that I can actually make the Death by Chocolate I signed myself up for.

The bathroom cabinets are finished and in place. We still need to pick out handles for them but the look good and today the countertop people are there templating the countertops. After the counters are in the sink can go in and we can get the glass to block off the shower.

This weekend we need to paint all the baseboards and door trim so they will get installed on Monday.

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