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Appliances got installed on Friday. Not all of them, we’re still waiting on the refrigerator, and dishwasher needs a test run before use, and the remote blower for the down-draft unit needs to be installed.

That said, the cooktop works very well and I was able bring 1/2 gallon of water to a high boil in 4.5 minutes. A watched pot does boil.

The oven (which has a Sabbath mode) did a wonderful job cooking a chicken. It’s also amazingly insulated. We turned off the oven and went for a quick trip to Joel & Cathi’s which ended up being 1.5 hours. When we got home the chicken was still almost too hot to handle.

Nicole loves her coffee machine and is tuning it to make the perfect cup of espresso.

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    yvil Says:

    Dude! That’s no “coffee machine”. That’s a Star Trek replicator.

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