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Catching up on reading

I finally got around to reading “Dark Lord the Rise of Darth Vader.” It takes place right after “Revenge of the Sith” through probably a few months after. In the beginning he’s hating his cumbersome suit. By the end the Emperor has put him in situations that let him truly value and embrace the dark side. The transformation runs fairly smoothly which surprised me somewhat, because books focusing on a single Star Wars character are usually pretty weak.

After that I read “Outbound Flight” which takes place between “Phantom Menace” and “Attack of the Clones.” Some Jedi want to send a colony ship to the unknown regions of the galaxy and to the next galaxy to preserve the Jedi since some sense dark times coming. Senator Palpatine sees it as a way to eliminate a chunk of Jedi all at once. This covers the back story for Outbound Flight that was laid out in previous books that involved Grand Admiral Thrawn and in turn gives Thrawn’s back story. There probably going to be another book to explain how Thrawn ends up serving the empire though.

I was reading “Fledgling” by the recently deceased Octavia Butler, but when I got to page 129 it didn’t make any sense. That’s because page 129 was really page 161 and the book was missing 32 pages. I took it back to Borders to exchange it and the other copy they had was missing the same 32 pages. So they are ordering me a copy that will be there next week and hopefully that will have all the pages.

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