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I’ve seen three recent movies!

An American Haunting – This is the movie version of a theory explaining a well documented haunting in the early 1800s. The movie works well while you’re watching it and it builds good tension and all seems to fit together. But then awhile after you’re done your brain starts noticing all these holes in the theory and makes you want to see other film versions or go read about it. I like it when movies get me interested in a subject so thumbs up.

Mission: Impossible III – I went into this with low expectations after Mission: Impossible II. It turns out I didn’t need to. It easily surpassed the second one and I think it’s even better than the first Mission: Impossible movie. The action is good, there isn’t too much reliance on gadgets (though they are there), and it manages to not take itself too seriously.

Poseidon – This movie gets right to the action. The effects are good, the sets are great, and Wolfgang Petersen can still direct some good claustrophobia. It falls down on the characters though. I think there was a lot more filmed about them which would have made the movie about 3 hours long. Then I think the studio wanted it shorter and if you cut some of that then it all had to go. It is easy to make up your own but it would have been nice to have.

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