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What’s up with the house?

I haven’t posted and house updates in awhile because I haven’t really known what to post. Mostly we’re waiting for some last few things. In the bathroom I painted the trim behind the “floating cabinets” and the bathroom pocket door. Now we just await the glass that will allow us to shower without spraying the bathroom.

In the kitchen the garbage cabinet has been fixed to be a one-piece pull-out instead of two doors that had to be opened all the way before you could pull out the cans. We’re still waiting for under cabinet lighting and the installation of the blower unit for the down draft.

What’s left aside from that? Painting the office and the other bedroom. Then finally things will be able to be moved into their places. One of the problems of remodelling something is that you decide to do other things while everything is messed up.

For us, that meant re-texturing the living room and the master bedroom and a wall in the “tv” room. We also have an electrical panel switched from the projection wall in the “tv” room to a wall in the laundry room. The water heater has been replaced with an on-demand heater (I can see it has cut gas usage by 1/3). The old water heater took up a corner of the office room so there’s 10 more square feet in there now that the heater is on the outside wall. Since the kitchen floor was being put in we had them re-coat the rest of the floors with more of urethane. We removed the shelf in the laundry room and shortened the interior window that looks into it so that needed a wall build-up. Also since we needed new windows in the kitchen and bathroom we decided to get new windows throughout the house. Re-texturing, windows, and all that means that when we’re done we’ll have painted pretty much the entire house.

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