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Embedded media question…

Do you like embedded media like videos, or do you prefer links to media?

I’m specifically thinking of youtube in this case and I wouldn’t be putting
in some auto-playing control that you have to scramble to turn off.

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    Daniel Punkass Says:

    I like the way how some media shows up in a “clearly playable” way but doesn’t auto-start. I think YouTube often appears this way. I’m not sure if this is a setting by the way you link it. But often I’ll see in a blog posting a fully instantiated “opening frame” for a YouTube video, and there’s a big “Play Button” in the middle. That’s my kind of compromise. Nothing major until I say go.

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    Douglas Says:

    It’s the standard way embedded youtube links work. I just copy the embed code off the youtube site of the video I’m watching and paste it in. It handles the rest.

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