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Tuesday Media Roundup #11

While I was off I got a chance to see a few movies and I finished watching season 1 of Scrubs (thanks to Cathi for pointing me there).

First up is Many of the Year. It was entertaining overall but as a whole it was uneven in just about every way. The story had awkward subplots, the humor was a rehash of a lot of old jokes with some new stuff in there. The supporting characters were generally far more interesting than the main ones with Jeff Goldblum’s character being my favorite. The overall message against electronic voting machines is a good one but why did they use the dumbest computer bug ever created? What code would be looking for double letters in names let alone sorting on them?

That night we sat down for Munich and then two days later we watched Munich since I fell asleep about 10 minutes into the first attempt. It’s not a slow or boring movie, I was just really tired. When I actually got to see it I thought it was very good. It didn’t just present a pro-Israeli viewpoint and didn’t have any pronouncements over what is right and wrong. I want to read the book it is based on now.

Towards the end of last week we watched Click which was much better than I anticipated. I thought it would be all wackiness, but all that stuff in the trailer is like the first 15 minutes. Then it turns towards the “It’s a Wonderful Life” realm but it keeps it funny along the way. *flap*flap*flap*

Finally a Jewish film that only played in New York and LA last Passover, When Do We Eat?. We missed it during the visit to my parent’s hosue for Passover but it’s on video now so, yay! It’s a comedy about a Passover seder in a family with problems. It had a good amount of funny and a good amount of Jewish but it never really found a consistent groove. I enjoyed it but not as much as Keeping Up With The Steins.

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