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More pictures of my collectables

The collactables are gone or soon to be gone but I took pictures to remember them by.

You can see them here when you scroll down to my first name tag. And after that, some pictures of t-shirts. Two of them are from the Cowell Coffee Shop, there’s the Orbital Mind Control Lasers from KarlB and then there’s the Parrington dorm t-shirt.

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    Liana Says:

    Gone? Are you getting rid of these items? Your California Scholarship Federation pin? Like it takes up so much space that you can’t find anywhere to put it? Ha ha. I still have mine around here someplace. Trophys. What are people supposed to do with those after years and years. What a strange practice, to hand someone a chunk of gold plated plastic and wood to commemorate some great achievement.

    Those t-shirts are priceless. I still wear my Morrison dorm shirt, even though its artwork is clearly inferior to Peter’s. And I plan to wear my Cowell coffee shop shirt more often as soon as I trim it down to a small/medium size rather than the XL/L it currently is. And my “Was it good for you?” tumbling banana slug post-earthquake shirt still has years of life left in it. Taking pictures is a good idea (I assume the t-shirts are not on the “get rid of” list?). I have found that when I take pictures of Vinna’s clothes to sell on E-Bay I generally want to keep one representative picture of the more memorable outfits so I can remember those darling baby clothes. Sort of the same idea, I guess.

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    Douglas Says:

    Well, the trophies are gone. Nicole had me keep one bowling trophy because it looked cool but then I turned it into a kidney donation trophy since Mo donated her Kidney to Jeff. And the CSF pin I don’t even know why I kept it as long as I did.

    I ended up putting them out for free in front of the house and someone took them. I hope they get re-worked as new trophies.

    It’s not like there isn’t space, but space to display them, and why have them sit in a drawer forever. So I have pictures to remember them with now.

    The shirts I still have and plan to wear, but I wanted to preserve them as they are now. Except for the Parrington shirt. That one doesn’t get worn, just preserved. I’m glad I’m not the only one with these shirts though.

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