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Tuesday Media Roundup #12

I finally saw The Producers (2005 version) and after a rocky start where Bialystock and Bloom meet I think it works out really well. That was my least favorite part of the original movie too but I think it worked a little better there. I liked the expanded role for Ulla and the places where it opened up the story, though it did fall apart a little towards the end. Nathan Lane stole the movie and Matthew Broderick only felt like he was nailing it about half the time. I’d watch it again but I don’t think I’d seek it out.

I watched The Santa Clause again because I was in the mood for a Christmas movie and Nicole had never seen it. I think it holds up well and still makes a good X-Mas movie. Nicole liked it enough to want to see the second movie, as do I and since it’s rated about the same I hope to like it as much. I’m frightened by the third one though with a viewer rating of 2.8 on imdb, but I’ll probably eventually see it for completeness.

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