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Damn, I ate a lot!

Before Nicole and I went down to my parent’s house for the Thanksgiving weekend I weighed 199.6. My goal by the end of the weekend was just to not have crossed over 201 but I didn’t think it was a realistic goal.

We arrived Wednesday night and had tri-tip and potato kugel. After 4 helpings of kugel and two of the tri-tip, salad, and bread I was very full. Or yeah, we had molten chocolate cake for dessert.

Thursday I went with my dad to get the lobsters. The smallest one was 3.5 pounds that Nicole and my mom split. Tami’s was 4.5 pounds, mine was 5.5, and my dad’s was 5.7. They were big enough that we had to use channel locks at times as a cracker. I was sooo full. But then the chocolate mousse had to come out for dessert. Good thing we ate early because I needed digestion time before we went to sleep.

Friday is for the full turkey dinner. I had some eggs for breakfast and some cinnamon-bites from Cinnabon as an afternoon snack. Then for dinner was the turkey wing, cranberry sauce, stuffing, bread, more potato kugel (2 servings), and two helpings of mashed potatoes.

Saturday we returned and this morning I weighed in at 200.2! I attribute it to the water I was constantly drinking. Yay!

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