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Tuesday Media Roundup #17

Tami was visiting and she likes horror movies and thrillers and movies about serial killers and such. So we ended up seeing those types of movies while she was here. I like just about anything so that was fine with me.

The Number 23 I wanted to see because 23 is my favorite number, but not for any connection to the movie. The efforts the main character goes through to come up with the number 23 get more rediculous as the movie goes on and I wasn’t caring about any of the characters by the time the end came around. I liked the visual separation of the story within the story, and I liked Virginia Madsen, but overall it was disappointing.

Black Snake Moan we saw even though it isn’t a horror movie because Tami likes Samuel L Jackson. The music was good and the scene with title song that the movie was built around was a joy to watch. The Aside from that the movie kind of meanders but stays entertaining all the way though.

Zodiac was easily the best movie we saw all week. We say a 9:30 showing and even though it is 2 hours 40 minutes is was engaging until the end. Definitely see this one.

Dead Silence was the only real horror movie we saw but I didn’t find it scary or tense. It’s a pretty decent ghost story and the effects were good. I really enjoyed the travelling scene changes and Donnie Wahlberg as the detective. The ending was well done too I thought. The scares for me at least weren’t there. The jump scares were in predictable places.

Nicole and I wanted to see Wild Hogs because the trailer was funny. The movie was funny too except for the sappy buddy buddy part towards the end, but I saw it coming so it wasn’t so bad. John Travolta lots some weight and is looking pretty good again too.

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