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Things work again!

When Nicole left I figured I would spend a day or two replacing the 7thsign hard drive using Nicole’s computer as the host for the two laptop drives. Her machine was too unstable for that so instead of upgrading her machine to be more efficient and quiet after the drive swap, I had to do it first. Then I had to figure out how to make the devices that aren’t there by default because it’s a parallel ATA drive on a serial ATA connection. The hard drive was copied without too much trouble though I forgot some that had me doing a second pass today.

Anyway, Nicole’s machine now has an energy efficient power supply and an AMD64 processor that tops out at 45W. With it slowing down when not in use, it actually spends most of its time using around 15W. Tomorrow I need to recycle all these boxes, donate the working old parts and take the rest to e-waste recycling.

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