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George Carlin

We got a chance to see George Carlin on Sunday and it made for the perfect end to the weekend. Previous times I had seen him albums had been recently released, but this show was leading up to an upcoming HBO special so the material was all new. Enough so that he had his notes on stage with him. He even explain what the paper was for up front and surprisingly it didn’t hinder his performance at all.  He would hold the paper in his hand for a given topic and glance as needed (rarely) without slowing down and then the paper would be put away. His voice isn’t quite as crisp as it used to be but his mind, his writing, and his delivery are still sharp. I even liked him giving the audience 3 jokes and breaking down why they worked as jokes showing he has a strong knowledge of the inner workings of humor which was also shown in the Aristocrats. I look forward to seeing him the next time he comes around.

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