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Results of the heat

Well, first the rain and then the heat, a few thousand weeds and grasses decided to start up. The weeds I can pull but I can’t go pulling individual blades of grass and single-leaf clover.

A gopher has  moved into the yard. I think it’s feeding on the new bounty of weeds since the previous gophers moved out after decided we didn’t have anything good to eat. The gopher isn’t keeping up.

We haven’t had to turn on the heat yet.

Yesterday Nicole and I went for the season close of the Bay Meadows race track. The weather was perfect in our odd November heat wave since we were shaded and were also able to make use of an unused box. A surprising number of horses were scratched throughout the day and it was good to see them looking out for horse safety that way. Of the $20 used for betting we left with $8 which is pretty good. Now if they could just get rid of the smoking. Many of the smokers stand by the doors so you have to go through the smoke to get in or out, bleah.

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