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Storm mess

Yesterday morning there was about 5 minutes of wondering what was going to happen next. Nicole looked out to find her snowman (cloth) laying face-down in some water. She rescued it and pulled it inside to dry. I sat down to put on my shoes and there was a crash outside. Nicole looked and saw one of the pots with the horsetail was blown over. I finished with my shoes and laid the remains of the one pot and the still whole matching pot down. I was picking up the shards (noticed the trash can lid has been blown open) and Nicole can out to check on the damage. The wind gusted which blew down the door that leads to our attic space. It’s not a hinged door, just kind of in place. I went to go put that back in place to find that there were lightbulb shards behind it from a lightbulb that I forgot to throw away. Picking up the door to set it back in place showed me that some of the shards ended up on top of the door and were now dropping to the floor.Nicole found the pieces and I got the door back in place. Oh yeah, some time during the goings on the power went out as well.

Leaving the driveway we went towards the intersection with power on the way to work and quickly came across the freshly downed branch blocking both lane that took out the power line also blocking both lanes.  There’s the power outage. Luckily being in the same power block as Dominican Hospital meant that power was restored in a couple of hours. I need to replace the UPS battery that died in December. Without it when the power goes down access to 7thsign goes with it.

At work there was power and I got stuff done, but then the power went out for about 30 minutes. In the second wave of power I was almost able to complete what I went to work to work on but then the pwoer went out again and didn’t come back until about 7PM apparently. I gave up around 1:15PM, went home, and relaxed.

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