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A candidate I would have liked to have in the race

Were she not in stage 4 of her cancer I would have liked to have Elizabeth Edwards in the presidential race. I like what she says in her speeches, she’s a little more liberal, and she seems like a strong and forthright person.


New Hampshire Debate

First I have to say that I like having both the Democrat and Republican debates back to back. I also liked there being distinct discussion and direct question sections. All that said, watching four hours of debates is pretty tiring. Republicans: I  haven’t really kept up to date with the Repuiblican candidates except blurbs I […]


Storm mess

Yesterday morning there was about 5 minutes of wondering what was going to happen next. Nicole looked out to find her snowman (cloth) laying face-down in some water. She rescued it and pulled it inside to dry. I sat down to put on my shoes and there was a crash outside. Nicole looked and saw […]


Grover is cancer free!

Grover had his final cancer check up this morning and is now declared to be free of cancer! We didn’t really expect anything to suddenly to pop up at this point but it’s still nice to have the official word. Now we just need to get the weight off of him and Sage.


Tuesday Media Roundup #24

Movies: Protocols of Zion – A documentary about “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” and a look at who believes it to be true. Well mostly about who believes it to be true. If you know about the protocols then it’s mostly seeing how far and wide they have been taken up by […]


Yay, new year!

It was a mellow stay at home NYE watching movies and comforting the dogs as the explosions sounded. Unlike previous years where there are a few fireworks, this year there were a lot of explosions. Deeper and louded booms than you normally get on the 4th of July. The dogs weren’t freaking out but they […]

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