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How I roll

When I’m not reading while brushing my teeth (I take a long time) I often hum along to my Sonicare. Sometimes it’s the same tone, usually it’s harmonies. Today on the way to work on my way to work on the electric scooter, I found myself going not at full speed so the tone of […]


Adding to my nerdiness

Some people are surprised at my low (42%) nerd score. Let me help assure you of my nerdiness through a little nostalgia… The other day I decided to search to see if any information was out there for the TRS-80 Color Computer. My first computer was the TRS-80 Color Computer. You can see a picture […]


I suffer from IRD

But now there’s help


I head-butted a bee

Nicole and I were walking down the sidewalk and I dodged a branch which made me head-butt the bee. The bee fell a few feet but looked a little irritated so I hurried along. Then down by Aldo’s at the yacht harbor (they serve dinner now) two little girls were selling jewelry they made. After […]


A little truthiness

A recent report showed that girls are finally outperforming boys in school. A lot of speculation about why has been thrown about, but the reason has finally become clear. Another study just released showed that for the first time girls have surpassed boys in the uptake of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.


10 New Commandments Found!

Well, according to the Weekly World News anyway. Here they are: I am the one God of all faiths. Thou shalt stop bickering about it. Thou shalt not make thee a graven image upon toast or other comestibles and declare it to be holy. Thou shalt not make war to obtain thy neighbor’s resources. Thou […]


What’s your honest reaction to this story from The Week: Waco, Texas Church tragedy: The pastor of a Texas church was electrocuted this week when he grabbed a microphone while standing in a baptismal pool. About 800 people watched helplessly as the Rev. Kyle Lake, 33, of University Baptist Church in Waco, began flailing after […]


Dynamics of the ‘Free’ pile

We have an area in the front of our house where we put stuff that still has some life in it but it isn’t worth the time it would take to sell it. When stuff goes out there I also have to put up a sign indicating it is free or it will sit there […]


How to freak out your dogs

I was getting the car ready to trade with mo for her journey to bring supplies and maybe help with flood relief. I was already goignt o clean out the inside, but while I was getting gas I noticed the outside of the car was more of a brown than the normal black so I […]


A new hearing

Ok, I’m sure it’s been heard this way before, but Nicole was talking about her picture of an oddly dressed kid with “Your momma dresses you funny,” on it and I heard it for the first time (at least to me) as “Your mom addresses you funny,” which I did think was funny. Nothing to […]

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