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Nicole went to SF for the weekend for Pride. I went to work in the morning and then came home and for the directions to izzy & jim’s for izzy’s birthday party. I stopped by Fry’s on the way to get Julie’s graduation present (a way to extend their wireless network) , the new Audioslave album (it’s good!), and another Kevin Smith dvd for my sister (I messed up the sending of her birthday gift so it came to me and she gets a bonus as a result/she’s rebuilding her collection since her ex-bf kept most of her DVDs).

I continued up 880 and after 5 miles came to a stop and joined a 5 mph group. I listen to traffic, no report on anything wrong but it’s wrong as far as I can see. After 15 minutes I realized that with 60 miles left to go I would get there in time for the end and then have to go. I get off to turn around and as I cross on the overpass I see it’s like that as far as I can see.

I came home and decided if I couldn’t have fun with people I should at least get work done around the house, and hey, we have two lights waiting to be installed for like the last 2 months. I got to work on those. The one from Ikea was a challenge because it didn’t come with appropriate mounting hardware like I’m guessing it is supposed to. Their screws were too big, but the ones that worked had too narrow a head. I got some washers for the narrow ones and that worked fine.

The Ikea one was going to be in the office and was going to require a new electrical box in there so I have a hole in the ceiling to work on that. The new light for the office doesn’t need that though so now I have a hole to patch. The one was tought to install because it came with a funky electrical box crossbar and it was tough to make it all fit but I did it! Yay!

After that I went to Julie & Fish’s house where Fish and & were watching Seven and I worked on the device I picked up to try and be a repeater for their wireless network (reception outside of their little office is horrible). Unfortunately, as it turns out, the device I got can’t be used in that way so it’ll go back to Fry’s. Fish says another device he has there is supposed to work that way but he can’t talk to it to get it configured. I told them I’d call on Sunday about trying to configure that. When it wasn’t working and I had finished helping Julie in her Hearts game I went home.

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