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I woke up on Sunday with a lot of things to do. I started off easy, paying bills and starting laundry. Then I moved on to sorting paper recycling in preparation for a recycling run. While shredding the stuff I don’t want to just go in a recycling bin it hit the full point so I had to empty it. The tops of those thigng are really heavy and when I leaned it against the cabinet I guess it wasn’t on the other side ofhte center of gravity since it came downand gave be a long scratch that has 9 scabs now.

I loaded up the car with the recycling and put ht edogs in there because they really needed to get out of the house. After recycling we went to OSH so I could get supplies for patch the hole in the ceiling and to get some clamps I would need to hold things in place while I did some cutting. Then we came home to the disappointment of the dogs.

I started more laundry and got to work on cutting the bottoms off the doors in Darlene’s area so it would clear the various carpet and rugs. I told Terry I’d have the saw I borrowed on Saturday back to him by noon. I pulled the old dining table out of the shed to use as my base. I measured the doors to know where I wanted my cuts, and then took the first one outside, took off the door knob and laid it on the table. The hinges determined where on the table it was. Then I just needed a guide for the circular saw that I could clamp in place.

The molding that was around the room that we had to remove to get the floors done was a good choice. The only problem was that in clamping it the saw couldn’t clear the clamp. So I tried using a cabinet door that wasn’t in use as a cabinet door and that let me clamp out of the way of the saw, but it was too thick. Then I moved the cabinet door back and put the molding next to it as a floating guide. That worked!

I forgot to adjust the saw blade to be no more than 1/8″ below the bottom of the but so it was trying to kick back and doing weird things to the cut. I fixed that but the weird start influenced the rest and it wasn’t so hot. I make a second pass and that corrected the major problems. Luckily people don’t tend to look at door bottoms (you shouldn’t either, Dar). If it’s really a big deal it can be sanded right.

Next up was the bathroom door. This one went much better thoguh it still had a hiccup in the middle but not that bad. Again, don’t look down. The third one went very well and I finally had the hang of things. I re-installed the doors and they all cleared! Yay! Then I installed the 2 remaining doors in Nicole’s room that were off from the floor refinishing and called Terry. He tried to send the mafia after me for being late but then gave up so I grabbed some food and went to drop off the saw.

Terry was about to wash his car when I arrived and he said he was seeking motivation to work on removing the tub from the bathroom they were gutting. He asked if I had anything better to do and I said “Let’s do it!” So we did! Over the next two hours I helped (he did almost all of it) cut apart the tub and haul it down stairs to later be hauled to the dump. That was one well installed tub.

Joel called me asking to borrow his saw that I had borrowed and now returned to Terry. I told him I returned it and that Terry was trying to rip out the tub. Joel came over and was impressed and then went home to check on dump hours. He found that they could make it and brought over the truck and loaded up Terry’s mess and off they went. And off I went to go weedwack the back yard.

I came home, applied SPF50 sun-screen, and took an allergy pill. Then I had an ice cream snack and got busy moving all the junk in the middle of the yard from the house being painted. Then I picked up the dog poop I could find (as long as you go right to left in your weed wacking the dog poop will not hit you). Then I called Sandy who wanted to try a better weed wacker for her to come over and try it when she was done showing houses.

I started weed wacking and 2 hours later (including Sandy visit) was done. Nicole was home at that point and didn’t want me to scoop up the cut grass so I’ll do that today when I get home.

We went to dinner at Carpo’s and then to Julie & Fish’s house to work on the D-Link device they had. After a time I realized that the device should be reset to factory defaults and then I was able to communicate with it and almost set it up. Unfortunately the manual thast comes with it just mentions the mode but not everything you have to do for that mode. I’ve looked it up now and maybe tonight I’ll go there and set them up.

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