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The new game is P.N.03

I opened it yesterday which leaves Metroid Prime, True Crime: Streets of LA, and Gladius unopened. I think this game is shorter than Wario World. If this were on arcade controls you would probably finish this game in 1.5 hours. It will fire as fast as you can press the fire button. Normal holding of the controller makes fireing pretty slow, but if you keep your right hand above the controller you can press destroy enemies very quickly. Once you get inside it looks ok, outside looks like poorly compressed video. Inside it kinda neat but there isn’t much in it. Kind of generic 70s version of the future.

You play a grooving-to-the-music mercenary woman? I think that’s what’s going on. Anyway, when you want to dodge you press the shoulder buttons to do a little dance twirl to either side. You don’t want to have to turn to the right or left because that is really slow. If you have to run around things you will not be happy. Luckily they added a button to twirl you in place and turn around so you don’t have to wait for that. Also if you try steering then the camera gets messed up and they don’t give you much control to get it back to normal. It will get there on its own, but not right away.

How I think the controls should have been implemented is to make it more on rails. It’s set up to have the camera always behind you as you battle things and dodge. Make it so up is always forward, back is alwaus back, left is always left and right is always right. If you want to go back where you can then hit the twirl-reverse button. Then make the camera stick for looking to the right or left or up and down. You wouldn’t be fighting the camera and the action could move more smoothly.

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