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WarioWare Twisted

I decided I needed a new GameBoy Advance game and having liked the original WarioWare I decided this was going to be it. It uses a gyroscope in it so most of the game action is performed through turning the GameBoy Advance and occasional use of the A button. For those of you who never played the original WarioWare, it was a collection of micro-games. You could go through a succession of about 15 microgames at a time, each one lasting 3-5 seconds during which you have to figure out what to do and perform that action. That is no different here, but I think this might even be better than the original. It’s more intuitive to play though not always as easy to get up to speed since you addition to figuring out the objective you have to see what moves when you turn the game and how fast it moves.

If you have a GameBoy Advance you should definitely get this game.

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