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Yay hot water!

We have hot water now! The plumber came back yesterday to check into the lack of hot water problem. He experimented with running a temporary dedicated gas line to the water heater, but that didn’t help though he did determine that out gas pressure was a little too low, especially if the house heater is running at the same time so we do need another line for the water heater, but it’s not an immediate need depending in how many gas thing we use at once.

The problem ended up being the roughed in plumbing for the incomplete bathroom. Right now the water is mixing in there and giving us warm water. Turning off the valve to that side of the house solved the problem and when the real plumbing fixtures are in place it won’t be a problem there either.

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    linkaloo Says:

    yay for hot water! That means that I’ll be back tonight… I stayed on Sunday where there was oodles of hot water as I’m a girl with sore muscles.

    The house is looking great, btw.

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