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Hang ‘Em High & The Family Stone & Hostel

Hang ‘Em High
The is the second old Clint Eastwood western I’ve seen, the first was The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. I think I liked this one better. The characters feel real and have difficult decisions to make, even the minor ones seem to stand out.

The Family Stone
I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this movie and that Sarah Jessica Parker does a good job of playing the most uptight woman on the planet. The entire cast is fun to watch.

This movie easily splits into three parts. College student sex romp through Europe, uncomfortable torture scenes, and Troma style humorous fake violence. Afetr 30 minutes you’re thinking “Is this movie related to what I saw in the trailer?” Then you get to the torture and you’re glad it’s over. By the end most of the audience is laughing at how rediculous it all is. The transitions work between the three sections so it ends up being entertaining overall.

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    peter Says:

    I felt the same way when I saw it…although, “the skipper” was a little distracting. It was realistic in a raw, gritty way…about what I would expect life to be like then.

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