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What I learned about dryer vents

If the dryer’s heat is working but things aren’t getting dry it’s because exhaust air isn’t working. I knew that already. That’s bad because it can start fires, but that didn’t happen here and I knew that too. The likely culprit was the flex hose (knew that) but amazingly there was very little in there.

The problem was the vent opening on the outside of the house. It has a screen inside of a mesh just small enought oprevent a bee from gaining entry and just small enough apparently to gather up enuogh lint over time to become completely blocked. More likely is that lint formed little clumps over time that were then caught up and blown to the screen where they got stuck. Anyway, some cutting pliers to remove the screen fixed the problem. I’m not really worried about critters getting in there. Hopefully I don’t regret saying that.

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