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Tuesday Movie Roundup #1

I think I’m going to consolidate my movie posts to Tuesday.

Nacho Libre – Nachooooooooooooooooooo! It’s fun. It’s rediculous. It seems like it wanders aimlessly from time to time like every idea was thrown in and not enough of them were taken out again, but I don’t care. It was fun!

Scary Movie 3 – The first of the Zucker style Scary Movie movies. Why aren’t the Wayans brothers on this anymore? Their versions tend to push a little more while the Zuckers fall into their groove. Their groove is still funny, but I liked the change. If you like Airplane/Naked Gun style humor you’ll like this. It’s not as consistently funny as those and I think that could have been helped a great deeal by losing the 8-Mile parody. That was just boring.

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