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The weekend…

Saturday we tried to go to Sacramento to Nicole’s brother’s BBQ, but after 2 hours and only getting 80 miles and hearing that traffic was the same the rest of the way we gave up. On the way back home we decided to get lobsters to compensate at 99 Ranch Market so we got two 1.5 and 1 3lb lobster. Yum!

Sunday we emptied the office and the other bedroom which took about 6-7 hours since this is where everything has piled up during the remodel.

Monday we primed the office, painted the bedroom, and then painted the office. We also got baseboards for the bedroom. Mmmmmm fumes.

Tuesday we painted another coat on the two rooms so now they are done and a lot of things that had no home can finally go where they belong.

Oh yeah, we can use the shower in our bathroom now that they installed the shower glass. Unfortunately there are scratches on the shower glass so they are bringing us another one in two weeks.

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