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About 5 days ago I started catching up on about 2 weeks of people’s posts. After a few days of not seeing many I realized I wasn’t signed in.

Entertainment Weekly is fading away and I won’t renew when the free subscription ends. What used to sometimes top 200 pages is now down to about 80. It going away isn’t really a bad thing.

The bathroom is complete. The kitchen is complete aside from the down-draft blower and under cabinet lights. The living room is set up again. The library is set up with books in place. The office is mostly set up. The laundry room is set up enough. Tomorrow we tackle the TV room and find homes for the rest of the stuff.

House pictures tomorrow.

After 3 weeks of no gophers, a new one moved in. I haven’t used the gopher repellant yet because I need to pull weeds to get to the dirt level.

I kind of have three bosses at work now after a re-org. I work on the client team so I have the client team manager. I work on the core project so I have the program manager. I work on the customer’s version so I have the project manager. Now instead of one meeting a week I have 3 and maybe 4 (as needed). As we get more projects and don’t hire other people I can see that the number of meetings will soon require a full day of meetings. I always wondered how managed to have 3 bosses and now I think I know, bad re-orgs.

I think it’s time to organize the shed too.

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