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We didn’t get the tv room finished or the shed, but good progress was made on both. A good reason for the slow speed was that the tv room is where we stored pretty much everything during the remodel. Now I have a number of things to unpack and find new homes for and that is how I came across the trophies. These are things that go back to junior high school bowling. I’m not going to be displaying them anywhere so I decided to take pictures of them before they left the house.

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    yvil Says:

    Where do they go when they leave the house? I was debating whether I should throw mine in a landfill or save them to show the kids for some potential inspiration or something.

    As for the CSF pin, did you forget what it was for or were you shocked that you had one related to academic achievement?

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    Doug Says:

    Well, I considered whether a trophy shop could re-use some parts but I don’t know any trophy shops and it didn’t seem too likely. Then I thought maybe Goodwill but then thought it’ll go just as well in teh landfill getting mined for resources a hundred years in the future.

    As for the CSF pin, it was a WTF as in why did I keep it. Belonging to CSF was no great feat and you just get the pin for joining I think. Maybe it was upon graduation for being a member. Aside from taking a few dollars and wasting a few lunches I don’t recall CSF doing anything.

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