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Star Wars: Legacy of the Force – Bloodlines

In the on-going Star Wars saga in writing, this takes place in the latest series which is about 35 years after Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode 4). As the second book of a 9 book series I really wasn’t expecting so much to happen. It seems wide open now, like anything could happen.

As for the author, I haven’t read Karen Traviss’ Republic Commando books but I’m looking forwward to them now. The story started a little slow but when it got moving you had to hold on with both hands. She has a special interest in writing about the Mandaloreans like Boba Fett and I think she handles those parts the best. The other parts aren’t far behind though.

I was going to go into spoilers, but I’m probably the only person I know who knows what’s going on in the stories by now.

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