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Tuesday Media Roundup #9

I was archiving things off my hard drive on to dvd and I was reaching for the disc folder so I didn’t just leave it laying around to collect dust, but that made the top of the tower of of jewel cases fall down, some with discs in them. As I was picking up the mess (and of course putting it right back in the tower) I saw two movies I had set aside for later.

The first was the mockumentary It’s All Gone Pete Tong. It’s about a DJ who goes deaf and tries to find a way to do what he loves. It isn’t consistently funny but that doesn’t matter since it’s all just really well done. It actually pulled me in as a story and I appreciated that. I loved watching his battles with cocaine. That’s probably one of the few times that sentence has existed.

The other was The Aristocrats. Which is probably the most concentrated verbal description about bodily fluids and sex acts I’ve ever experienced, all in the telling of a joke. My the end there is little that’s disgusting about it because you’re brain starts looking for the variations and how they approach the joke on your mental check list. This film must have been a nightmare to edit. Deciding on order and what to keep had to be difficult. Phyllis Diller has the best laugh. It was worth seeing her and Bob Saget in the special features for their full recorded bits. The mime in the special features did an act that made me feel sad, and not because I was watching a mime, it was just a strong performance. And then I also realized that we as people must get a lot of our cues from other people through hands since that’s most of what you get from the mime.

Finally, here’s Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager (Episode 1). There are three episodes so far, but I’m just linking to the first one.

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