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Weeding->raw hands

Today I got about 6 solid hours of weeding in and my hands are feeling it. I know I should wear gloves, but the gloves make it harder to get a hold of things to pull out. Maybe if there were microfiber gardening gloves. Is there such a thing? I think I’ll have to look into that.

Also while at Costco I found a new motion sensor light to replace the one in the back yard that just decided that something was always moving. It was fairly inexpensive and came with bulbs but I put in compact fluorescents instead.

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    Liana Says:

    I spent a couple hours “weeding” today as well. More like digging out 4 foot tall thistle bushes along a 20 foot fence with deep intertwining root structures. In the end I created 3 huge piles that I need to find out if I can burn within city limits. And some of the most major roots go under the fence into my neighbor’s yard.

    Gloves are definitely the way to go. I use the knit ones which have the fingers and palms coated with rubbery super-grippy stuff. They work like champs. Maybe they just take some getting used to.

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    Douglas Says:

    I just picked up some of those gloves today! I’ll be trying them out tomorrow.

    Today is all about house cleaning except for the break I had to take to load the green bin because it was starting to drizzle/light rain.

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